Lightning incidents February 2022 – South Africa

LIGHTNING INCIDENTS FEBRUARY 2022 Click images to view All Lightning strike: Bromhof Randburg. Time: 14h10 Some houses further up the road also lost electronics like wifi routers, televisions etc. Lightning strike: University of Pretoria Theology Building Lightning strike: 22 cows killed in a thunder storm Lightning strike: Meyersdal Alberton

Managing your pets anxiety during a storm

MANAGING YOUR PETS ANXIETY DURING STORMS a Thunder Blanket or Thunder Shirt is an excellent treatment for most types of dog and cats with anxiety and fear issues. Like swaddling an infant, a Thunder Blanket or Thunder shirt applies a gentle, constant pressure to your dog or cat’s torso. Research on both animals and humans […]

Pet Safety

PET SAFETY DURING STORMS High winds, thunder and lightning during severe storms often produce anxiety, fear and a need to escape for some pets. Take preparedness measures to protect and care for your pet during severe storms. Before a Severe Storm Identification – Major storms can destroy fences allowing frightened pets to run away.– Make […]

Struck by Lightning? This is what to do:

Lightning First Aid

LIGHTNING FIRST AID RECOMMENDATIONS How to Help Giving first aid to lightning strike victims while waiting for professional medical attention can save their lives! It is safe to touch a lightning strike victim! People struck by lightning DO NOT carry a charge! Follow these four steps immediately to help save the life of a lightning […]

Lightning Safety

LIGHTNING SAFETY FACTS​ DO watch out during thunderstorms. The lightning can injure you badly and even kill you. DO find a safe place immediately if lightning and thunder comes near. If you count less than 10 seconds between seeing lightning and hearing thunder, it is already very dangerous to remain exposed to it outside. You […]